MahtaWing is an aviation service and supply company which was formed in the year 2012, by professionals with more than 35 years ̓experience in the field of aviation. We take pride in being able to deal with almost every requirement of the aviation industry. We offer services in aircraft sales, aviation spare parts, providing ground support equipment ̓s etc.



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The I.C.P. was born in 1980 as a company specialized in wiring production for the car industry.
Starting from 1988, the import of ultra-light aircrafts “Chickinox” was added to this activity, and the next year I.C.P. began with planning and production of ultra-light aircraft in aluminium alloy, with exclusive features of sturdiness and versatility. The I.C.P.’s aircrafts are well-known for the national and international security guarantees.  At the end of ‘90s, the sole manager Tancredi Razzano, decided to industrialize the production of ultra-light aircrafts, till then constructed in a craft made manner, with jigs. By starting to make all the aircrafts’ components mass-produced, with machines CNC, I.C.P. faces up to considerable economic investments, that, even if onerous, on the long distance, has been particularly profitable. The results obtained have involved an excellent costs’ optimization, an aircrafts’ assembling facility, and a final product achievement with superior quality compared with the craft made one.
With this productive strategy, I.C.P. has significantly contributed to make the flight economically affordable to all the passionates, registering at the same time, a relevant company growth.




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